UL launched a comprehensive wearable technology in

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UL launched a comprehensive wearable technology industry testing service

the global safety science leader with a history of more than 100 years, the Ministry of electronic technology industry of UL announced on the 14th that the company has launched a comprehensive service portfolio to provide manufacturers with personalized product verification, consulting, testing, risk transfer, interoperability, global market access and other services to help them provide consumers with safer and more reliable wearable products, At the same time, shorten the time for its products to market

Zeng an, the Greater China business director and senior consultant of DuPont sustainable solutions at the U.S. International Consumer Electronics Exhibition, believes that the conference (CES) opened last week, and people will focus on many innovative wearable devices brought by large and small emerging enterprises. With the increasing progress of wearable technology, the scale of the industry is expected to reach more than US $100billion by 2018 * and it is crucial for manufacturers to understand the mandatory evaluation and testing requirements for parts and raw materials of wearable technology products. In addition to safety issues, the performance and reliability of the product meet the expectations of consumers, which is also the basic condition for its wide acceptance by the market. In addition to privacy and data security, user security is also extremely important for wearable technology products, because they are in direct contact with human skin for a long time during use, and rely on wireless technology to send and receive personal information. Most importantly, the test can prevent personal injury, such as skin burns and potential wireless signal radiation hazards. If there is no corresponding inspection, the enterprise may face adverse problems such as product recall, return and reputation damage. For more information, please browse

stephen Kirk, vice president and general manager of UL's electronic technology industry department, said, "UL took the lead in providing wearable technology testing service solutions, with a wide and comprehensive coverage, which can bring great value to developers and manufacturers in the wearable technology industry and help them effectively bring products to the market."

Kirk also said that UL's unique and extensive service portfolio will help guide the wearable technology industry in standard setting and interoperability test development, which will not only immediately help the industry meet regulatory requirements, but also meet consumers' thirst for high-quality products

ul also participated in the wearable device technology expo held in Japan this week

* "2014 wearable technology", generator Research Limited under specified high pressure wear conditions, January 29, 2014. On November 1st, 2014, the development from imitation to self renovation was always unsatisfactory. The above is the working environment of the spring fatigue testing machine and the normal protection program of the equipment shared by the technicians of our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. for you on November 5th

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