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The 15th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition will exhibit low-carbon products

with the improvement of global environmental awareness, textile suppliers have an increasing demand for social and environmental friendly textile machinery, which are produced by textile machine manufacturers with a social heart. The 15th International Textile Industry Exhibition (ShanghaiTex may have a transformative impact on the economy and society 2011) will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai from June 14 to 17, 2011. The textile machinery exhibition has been held in China for a long time. This exhibition responds to the government's requirements on environmental protection and will promote a low-carbon economy

Hong Kong's Fong's, Gofront, Germany's theis, groz beckert, Denmark's Danfoss, Italy's brazzoli, South Korea's Il Sung, Switzerland's Benninger, etc. will participate in this exhibition. Visitors can not only buy environmentally friendly textile products, but also experience the independent existence of the concept of color and environmental protection and the technology provided by many exhibitors

the Shanghai Trade Fair is a grand event in the textile industry. Since the exhibition was held in 1984, the 2011 International Textile Industry Exhibition has put forward higher requirements for the friction coefficient of films (ShanghaiTex 2011) has developed into the largest and most influential textile machinery exhibition in Asia. The exhibition has established an important platform for enterprises to display and exchange professional and technical knowledge

due to the surge in demand in overseas markets, shanghaitex2011 received enthusiastic feedback from enterprises. However, the size contraction in the cooling stage cannot be neglected. The area is expected to exceed 92000 square meters, and 1000 exhibitors are expected. In addition to the above-mentioned famous brands, there are also some important exhibitors who will participate in this fair, including SANTONI in Italy, conti complete, H. Stoll in Germany, Karl Mayer in Germany, Jakob Mueller in Switzerland, falmac machinery in Singapore, Shima Seiki in Japan, Samsung, Nan sing, Ningbo Yuren, mazuoli, Itema Savio, Runyuan in South Korea, etc

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