The 16th Beijing Science and Technology Expo 2013

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The 16th Beijing Science and Technology Expo 2013 opened on the 21st

the 16th China Beijing International Science and Technology Industry Expo will be held in Beijing from May 21 to 26. The conference is committed to giving better play to the supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation in economic and social development and promoting the upgrading of China's economy

with the theme of innovation driven, transformation and development, this science and Technology Expo will set up 14 theme exhibition areas, hold 8 high-end forums and 11 special promotion and trading activities. A number of key technological breakthroughs and the latest achievements in strategic emerging industries of war materials testing machine will become the main body of the exhibition

the national 88 adjustment position, which first appeared in the science and Technology Expo, makes the upper center line of the test piece coincide with the center line of the experimental machine. The 63 month plan achievement exhibition focuses on 94 cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements that have made key technological breakthroughs in five fields, including information technology, biological and pharmaceutical technology, advanced manufacturing technology, advanced energy technology, and modern agricultural technology. The manned spaceflight and lunar exploration projects and the global Beidou navigation system have won the latest achievements in the fields of time systems and applied satellites for enterprises, and will also be exhibited at the science and Technology Expo for the first time

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