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The 15th stop of Shantui's "customer care Tour" entered Luoyang, Henan Province, and the 15th stop of Zhoukou's "customer care Tour" entered Luoyang, Henan Province, and Zhoukou's

China Construction machinery information

Luoyang is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation, the central hub of the Grand Canal, and an important industrial city in the central region

Shantui visiting group rushed all the way to Luoyang to visit local customers. The first stop is the dam construction site of a reservoir in Luoyang, which can not only harden but also replace the metallographic microscope. The dam project can control a watershed area of 1325 square kilometers, with a total reservoir capacity of 584million cubic meters. It will become a large-scale water conservancy project focusing on flood control and integrating the functions of water supply, irrigation and power generation. The dam is also a key water conservancy project in Henan Province

the user is a first-class enterprise contracted for the construction of national water conservancy and hydropower projects. When he learned of our arrival, Minister Li of the equipment management department warmly received us and visited the construction site with us. More than 10 sd22 and sd16 bulldozers are working nervously and orderly on the construction site. The visiting group inquired about the use of the machinery in detail. According to the driver's feedback, the three bulldozers purchased last year have low noise and high efficiency, and the service is also very satisfactory

during the patrol inspection, it was learned that a sd16 bulldozer used for more than 7000 hours had an unexplained lack of hydraulic oil. After on-site inspection, it was judged that it was caused by oil channeling of the oil pump, and a maintenance plan was formulated for the user. The user was also very satisfied with the rapid handling of the problem, and hoped that the visiting group would come to the site every year for communication and guidance

then, the visiting group came to Zhoukou for a visit. At the road construction site in Zhoukou, an sr26m-3 roller and an sr26at rubber tyred roller cooperated tacitly in compaction. Here, we pay a visit to the user gaolao experimental machine to reasonably select and use grease plates. During the exchange, the user said: "I began to use the mountain roller in 2011. The overall performance is good, the quality is stable, and the service is relatively timely. If I encounter a problem, I can rush to deal with it in a timely manner on the same day. I bought a total of 6 road rollers of various types before and after, and the other several were transferred to Hubei and other places for construction". For the recognition of users, the group expressed its gratitude when visiting too many small oxide scales

then check the vehicle and guide the user to maintain it in time. Master he, the driver, put forward suggestions for improving the lubrication points of the cross hinge. The interview team said that the information should be fed back to the relevant departments for improvement as soon as possible, and the operation must be carried out under the guidance of skilled staff to meet the user's needs

after the visit, the service team gave customers exquisite gifts and invited users to participate in online interactive activities of Shantui to further understand the company's dynamics and Shantui brand culture through the network

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