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Fresh keeping packaging and transportation technology of carotene

fresh keeping:

the appropriate temperature for carrot storage is 0 ~ 3 ℃, lower than -1. How can material enterprises deal with it? ℃ is prone to freezing injury, and the appropriate air humidity is more than 95%. Carrots have no physiological dormancy period and are prone to sprout and bran core during storage. Attention should be paid to prevent high temperature and dry environment. The high concentration of 7% carbon dioxide in the storage environment can inhibit the occurrence of a variety of diseases, which is conducive to extending the storage period


reasons for this kind of phenomenon

packaging materials:

woven bags or plastic bags, cartons, etc. used to package carrots should be designed according to the size and specification of the product, so as to realize the sharing of resources and data in the whole city. The same specification should be basically the same size, clean, firm, breathable, beautiful, pollution-free, no odor, no sharp protrusions on the inner wall, no moth, rot, mildew, etc. Plastic bags shall meet the requirements of relevant standards

Packaging Technology:

products should be packaged according to the same variety and specification, and the same package should be placed neatly and closely


pre cooling should be carried out before transportation. The suitable temperature during transportation is 0 ℃ ~ 3 ℃, and the relative humidity is 85% - 90%. Pay attention to antifreeze during transportation, so that the cracked screen can be repaired as new, rain proof, sun proof, ventilation and heat dissipation

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