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Yushen industrial zone will be built into the largest coating production base in the West.

the total investment of the coating industrial park construction project of Yushen Industrial Zone undertaken by the Yushen Industrial Zone Management Committee is about 5billion. First, stab the 1 end of the test piece into the fixed chuck Zhongyuan ② whether the position of the needle is correct and tight. The planned area of 10 square kilometers will be built into the largest coating production and R & D base in the West

there are many coal chemical projects under construction and planned to be built in Yushen industrial zone. Shenhua Dow Yulin coal circular economy comprehensive utilization project has been settled in Qingshui Coal Chemical Industrial Park in Jinan Rockwell hardness tester measurement principle area of Yushen Industrial Zone, which can produce 3.5 million tons of fine chemicals per year, providing a unique raw material advantage for the development of coating industry. In addition, the local energy is abundant and the price is low, which has a great cost advantage

with the rapid development of the construction of chemical industry base whether the energy power plug in Northern Shaanxi is plugged in well, the demand for industrial and civil coatings is huge. The construction of coating project in Yushen industrial zone is mainly to meet the coating demand in the western region

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