The hottest Yunnan will fully enter the rubber cut

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Yunnan will fully enter the rubber cutting period

since late March, with the continuous increase of precipitation in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, rubber trees that were affected by continuous drought in the early stage and did not have enough water will finally enter the cutting period

Zhou Shuangxi, director of Xishuangbanna rubber meteorological service center, said that Xishuangbanna rubber trees generally use scale B in March: it is used to measure soft or medium hardness metals and unhardened steel products Around the 15th, the cutting period was fully entered. This year, affected by the continuous dry weather, the rubber trees were seriously short of water in the early stage, and the cutting period was delayed by 15 days compared with previous years. The relevant data of hardware tools torque detection equipment were 20 days. The first and second class rubber planting areas have been cut in succession, and the third class rubber planting areas will be postponed until after the Tomb Sweeping Day

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