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Yunyi communication, together with Hebei Xinhai chemical, has opened a new era of industrial IP command and scheduling system

group profile

Hebei Xinhai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a large private enterprise group integrating petrochemical product processing and sales, oil trade, logistics and transportation, real estate development, etc. Located in the middle of South Shugang road of Huanghua port in the port industrial park of Bohai new area, it is 10 kilometers away from the international Huanghua comprehensive port loading and unloading dock in the East, surrounded by Coastal Expressway, Rongwu expressway, Shihuang expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, and surrounded by Shuohuang Railway and Handan Huanghua Railway

command and scheduling needs and application background

coal mines, petroleum, chemical plants, steel plants and other enterprises have fast production pace, complex process flow, and close connection between upper and lower processes. In production, it is often necessary to contact personnel at relevant positions, or deal with emergencies, or operation control. It is necessary to meet high-quality communication and internal communication systems suitable for extremely harsh environmental conditions. The communication system requirements of Hebei Xinhai chemical industry group are as follows:

system capacity: the system can support up to 200 voice users, no less than 30 external lines concurrent, and can complete external line group calls in batches within the specified time

full digitalization and IP: the dispatching desk and dispatching machine are fully digitalized and IP

voice scheduling has rich functions: forced connection, forced removal, forced insertion, monitoring, transfer, group call, selective call, meeting, queue notification

the dispatching desk is simple and flexible: all terminal status information is concentrated on the touch screen dispatching desk or large screen display. The touch screen is selected for the dispatching desk computer, which makes the operation easier

call status information display: the dispatching interface can display the call status of all terminals in the dispatching center in real time, such as idle, ringing, call, etc

adapt to various terminals: take the number as the terminal sign to realize the free scheduling of IP side (soft, IP voice off, IP machine, WiFi phone) and PSTN side (, fixed)

meetings: support multi-party meetings for dispatchers and watchkeepers to organize multi-party meetings

call recording function: record every call information

tts function: support text to speech and playback

SMS function: support 106 SMS interface docking

multi authority account: it can support multiple dispatching platform accounts

command and dispatching solution and topology diagram

the system scheme design is based on the IP network, and the Yunyi integrated dispatching system is deployed in the machine room to provide the required emergency command, communication, event management, digital recording, daily management, broadcasting services and other functions. The dispatching system can be installed on public or private cloud servers. Dispatching center and office can deploy dispatching desk and dispatcher

Yunyi IP command and dispatching system can connect with business systems commonly used in the industry through different functions, such as monitoring system, system and broadcasting system, and integrate different systems into a unified platform for unified management and scheduling

machine room: deploy Yunyi integrated dispatching system in the machine room, which can be installed on the hardware server or cloud server and connected to the local local network

external line: connect the digital line and use E1 switch to cause impact. This switch is generally located at the interface between public exchange (PSTN) and IP to complete the interworking between public and integrated dispatching system, so as to dial the external line in the dispatching system and complete the broadcasting or notification function of the external line

control center: the dispatching center and office can deploy the dispatching desk or install the dispatching desk client software on PC. It provides unified control and management operation display interfaces such as voice scheduling, video scheduling functions, and accessed third-party business data information, and provides graphical human-computer interactive interface display. Switching between different interfaces can be realized through touch and click switching, and hierarchical scheduling function is supported

short message notification: Yunyi can provide a short message platform in the cloud, and realize the short message notification function by docking with the integrated scheduling system

office: IP phones can be deployed, and the manual voice notification function can be realized through the internal registration fusion scheduling system

this scheme meets the construction standard of intelligent multimedia dispatching system in Xinhai chemical industry park. Finally, Hebei Xinhai chemical industry group adopts Yunyi integrated dispatching command system to meet the integration of its dispatching work. 1 Online tips "Open the requirements of intelligent and humanized equipment failure. User satisfaction is Yunyi's pursuit.

Yunyi communication will continue to adhere to the basic principle of customer first and people-oriented, continue to improve, explore and innovate, create maximum value for customers, and contribute to the vigorous development of the industry.

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about Yunyi

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