Fresh keeping of the hottest mushroom, lotus root

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Fresh keeping of mushrooms, lotus roots and garlic seedlings


1. Excipient fresh-keeping method. Soak fresh mushrooms in 0.01% 6 ~ aminopurine solution for 10 ~ 15 minutes, take them out and drain them and store them

2. Sodium pyrosulfite treatment. First rinse the mushrooms with 0.01% sodium pyrosulfite aqueous solution for 3 ~ 5 minutes, and then soak them in 0.1% sodium pyrosulfite water for half an hour. The development strategy of high-efficiency and green plastic granulator should be implemented when taking out the drain. It should be stored in plastic bags, and the fresh-keeping effect is better at room temperature of 10 ~ 15 ℃

lotus root

1. Film account storage method. Cover the lotus root with plastic film storage account, but it should not be sealed, and the account should be opened every other day

that is, the homogeneous core material must reach fire-resistant grade B1. 2. Soil burial method. First build a burial pit with bricks or wood boards, and then pile 5-6 layers of lotus roots and soil, and then cover it with 10cm of fine soil. The soil for storage should be soft and damp, and it is better not to pinch it into a ball by hand. When storing, the lotus roots should be arranged in order to avoid breaking. If it is buried in the cement warehouse, the bottom of the pit should be padded with wood or bamboo frames for 10 cm, and the bottom should be disinfected with drugs, and then a layer of fine soil about 10 cm thick should be paved. The storage method is the same as above. If it is buried outdoors, it should choose a place with high terrain and back to the sun and away from the light, pile the soil and lotus roots into a slope or pagoda shape layer by layer, and then cover all the lotus roots with soil, and dig drainage ditches around

garlic seedlings

1. Cold storage method. After the garlic seedlings are fully pre cooled, put them into baskets or crates, or directly stack them on the storage shelves, so that the storage temperature is controlled at about 1 ℃

2. Modified atmosphere method. ① Rapid oxygen reduction method: after the garlic seedlings are stacked and sealed with a plastic tent, the oxygen content in the tent is reduced to 1 ~ 3% by continuously pumping oxygen and nitrogen for 3 ~ 4 times. During storage, it is better to control the oxygen content in the tent at 3% and carbon dioxide at about 10%. ② Natural oxygen reduction method: immediately seal the plastic tent after the garlic seedlings enter the account, and the oxygen in the tent is absorbed by the garlic seedlings, so that the oxygen partial pressure gradually decreases to 2 ~ 4%; After that, measure and adjust every day to keep the oxygen partial pressure within the required range. ③ Carbon dioxide filling method: after the garlic seedlings are stacked and sealed with a plastic tent, first suck out a small amount of gas in the tent, so that the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the tent are basically the same. With the decrease of oxygen content in the account, the application of hydrated lime to absorb carbon dioxide will reduce it accordingly. In the future, the oxygen content should be controlled at 1 ~ 3%, carbon dioxide 10%, and the temperature 14 ~ 16 ℃

source: China Tourism News

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