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Yunyi wind power interphone integrated communication system solution

I. scheme background

due to the special requirements of wind power plants on the environment, wind power generation equipment is usually installed in remote geographical location, harsh natural environment, large temperature difference between day and night, and severe sandstorm areas, where there is often no signal, which brings a lot of inconvenience to its operation, maintenance and management

II. Wind power intercom communication requirements

for wind power operation companies, daily on-site inspection is essential. In order to facilitate the maintenance of wind turbines in wind farms, maintenance workers on wind turbines often need to communicate with the central control center or the same wind turbine. Two intercom terminals need to be installed on each fan. The intercom terminal has two buttons. One button can be dialed to the central control center, and the other button can be dialed to the opposite end of the same fan

in order to realize the IP security monitoring network of the wind farm, it is necessary to install an audio and video intercom system, install IP voice intercom terminals in the engine room and tower bottom of each fan, and facilitate internal communication when maintaining and overhauling equipment; When the fan breaks down, the staff calls the central control center through the intercom terminal with one key to eliminate the fault in time

audio and video monitoring can not only capture the picture of the fan operation in the engine room in real time, but also collect the sound data in the engine room through the audio intercom box

the maintenance personnel of the wind farm can watch the real-time situation in the engine room at any time in the center. In the event of an accident, the maintenance personnel can watch the scene in real time and understand the damage degree of the fan through sound analysis

audio and video intercom solution system provides favorable information for maintenance personnel to solve the problem as soon as possible, and also brings great help to judge the cause of the fault afterwards

the advantage of audio intercom function is that maintenance personnel can talk with the center at any time, which brings great convenience for handling accidents and daily communication in the second spring of the industry

III. functional requirements of wind power intercom system

one key intercom

visual one key intercom communication is realized between on-site fans and control center, fan engine room and tower bottom, fans and fans

video intercom

use the terminal with video function to realize video call with the monitoring center

video linkage

the terminal calls the management center, and the camera video linked by the terminal can pop up on the dispatching console at the same time

real time alarm

when the fan fails on site, the audible and visual alarm will be automatically triggered, and the alarm will be sent to the centralized control center when the hydraulic system has errors

remote monitoring

the console can remotely open and remotely open the intercom terminal equipment in various engine rooms to monitor whether there is abnormal sound during the operation of fans in the engine room

IV. wind power system group and solutions

deploy a set of Yunyi IP broadcast intercom system (wind industry intercom server) in the central machine room. Although it is frankly said that China's economy is full of challenges, as the core server of the command and dispatching system, it connects with various dispatching terminal equipment through local area

install double key intercom terminals inside the field fan equipment cabin and at the bottom of the tower. One key contacts the cabin and the centralized control center. All terminal equipment, such as audio and video intercom, are connected to the host through the relay switch to realize audio and video calls

the command and dispatching control center is equipped with a touch-screen dispatching console. All command and dispatching can be operated through the dispatching console of the control center and displayed on the monitoring screen

Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated communication system can realize visual partition management and unified scheduling. It is applied in the wind power industry, and can help enterprises carry out remote audio and video monitoring, intercom communication, etc., greatly improving the efficiency of on-site inspection and ensuring the safety of wind power generation

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