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Yunqu technology and Alibaba cloud jointly held a special forum on intelligent customer service to create new value for enterprises

on January 10, 2019, Alibaba cloud Digital China Travel - intelligent customer service special forum was held in Guangzhou. As the only partner of Alibaba's intelligent customer service theme forum, yunqu technology invited enterprise representatives who plan to build medium and large-scale intelligent customer service centers or transform traditional customer service centers in the near future to participate in the meeting to jointly discuss the market opportunities of the future customer service center industry


Tang Qingning, director of technology products and manager of Development Technology Department of yunqu renewable resources, brought a wonderful speech with the theme of exclusive practice of intelligent customer service cloud platform

customer service center is a typical labor-intensive industry. At present, from the domestic development situation, its growth rate and market space are relatively optimistic, and it is also a sunrise industry. With the development of artificial intelligence, this industry is transforming from labor-intensive to technology intensive, which guarantees the normal operation of Jinan testing machine. The traditional customer service center is facing business problems such as high labor service costs, limited response speed and limited service time. Transformation and upgrading is the top priority of the traditional customer service center

the value of intelligent customer service center is reflected in three aspects: for users, it is convenient to use, the number of calls is reduced, and the waiting time is shortened; For the seats, the repeated answers are reduced, the call duration is shortened, and it is more efficient to find knowledge; In terms of enterprise management, we can monitor the whole process of services, ensure the quality inspection of a full number of seats, and tap the demands of citizens

yunqu technology's intelligent enterprise service cloud platform based on artificial intelligence, big data and full link can meet the functional needs of different aspects of office cloud and customer service cloud. The intelligent products of robot, assistant and intelligent quality inspection can provide more accurate and personalized customer service

as the global economy enters the period of digital transformation, yunqu technology closely follows the trend of the times and is fully embracing intelligence


in this forum, there are also these wonderful speeches

Liang Jin, senior product expert of Alibaba cloud intelligent customer service, Shen Bo, deputy general manager of Haobai information service center of Chinatelecom Guangzhou Branch, Zhou Yun, senior expert of voice intelligence in Alibaba machine intelligence technology laboratory, entered the expert face-to-face session after sharing. The whole audience was divided into five different groups, and heated discussions were held on five topics: the roadmap of cost center to revenue, the automation and intelligent upgrading of service system, and the intellectualization of customer service. China's new chemical materials industry as a whole is about to enter a period of rapid development. The construction of solutions, and the construction of intelligent interactive semantic processing capability that is completely feasible to collect data with the parallel port of computer

representatives of yunqu technology and aridamo intelligent voice interaction Daniel had in-depth exchanges with representatives of various enterprises. They learned how AI dividends were implemented in the enterprise customer service scene, understood the transformation practice of the traditional customer service center, and also had face-to-face discussions on the problems encountered in the business, committed to creating new business value for the enterprise

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