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Yushu reconstruction project adopts polyurethane rigid foam material

CSCEC adopts new engineering technology in Yushu reconstruction project and strives to build a first-class model project

there is a busy scene on the construction site of Hongqi primary school in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The workers are receiving resources again. There is also a high potential for the development of nervous brick transportation and bricklaying. It is reported that the reconstruction project of Hongqi primary school was undertaken by CSCEC and was rated as the "provincial model site of safety and civilization" last year

this project takes the actual situation of Yushu into full consideration from design to construction, and adopts many high-tech (article source: universal polyurethane) technologies that can increase a large number of jobs. In terms of energy conservation, extruded polystyrene board thermal insulation materials are used for the roof and ground of the project, and new materials are sprayed with rigid polyurethane for thermal insulation. Compared with traditional thermal insulation materials, the new materials are firmly combined, with good thermal insulation, fire prevention and waterproof performance, strong stability and good crack resistance. In terms of environmental protection, the traditional boiler heating method is abandoned, and the heating method of high-tech air source heat pump combined with solar collector plate in the next 10 years is adopted. In addition, the project also adopts new engineering technologies such as straight thread sleeve connection and aerated concrete masonry materials

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