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Yunnan zhangruheng: Longgong machinery has put me on the road to a well-off life

Yunnan zhangruheng: Longgong machinery has put me on the road to a well-off life

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recently, Zhang Ruheng, a farmer in Hara village, Nanyang Town, Yiliang County, Yunnan Province, wrote to Mr. lixinyan, chairman of the board of Longgong with passion, Sincerely, we know that the national standards for high-temperature tensile test have provisions: the round specimen uses rib to thank Longgong loader for letting him embark on the well-off road of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich

Zhang Ruheng said in his letter that he is an out and out farmer, and he is 40 years old this year. Since graduating from junior high school in 1991, he was unwilling to be ordinary and began to contact with construction machinery. At the age of 18, he learned the driving skills of road rollers and loaders, and has always dreamed of owning his own construction machinery and equipment. Three years later, he bought a dump truck with a loan to participate in the construction of the project. However, after removing the high fees, repair fees and other expenses, there was little profit. Later, he sold the dump truck and bought a car to run passenger transport. Although he was careful and never caused an accident, his income was still unable to repay the bank loan, and he even had some difficulties in maintaining the basic life of his family. Finally, he had to sell the bus and help his cousin drive a long distance. By chance, a cousin called him far away in Guangzhou. He was told that he was in urgent need of a side dump loader at a hydropower station site in Luoping County, his hometown, and hoped that he would buy a machine and go home to help. However, the failure of purchasing dump trucks and passenger cars for freight and passenger transport in the past made him have great doubts about whether the purchase of construction machinery could bring profits. Zhang Ruheng hesitated and was in a dilemma. On the one hand, he loved the construction machinery industry, and on the other hand, he had an uncertain prospect of large investment, so that he stayed up all night for several nights

Longgong machinery made me embark on the road of well-off life

he clearly remembered that it was April 19, 2004, when the construction site of the hydropower station called again to urge the equipment to enter the site. His family and friends knew that he loved the construction machinery industry, so they encouraged him repeatedly, and finally made him decide to use his house as collateral, borrowed 160000 yuan from the bank and 120000 yuan from the private sector, A Longgong ZL50 side dump loader was ordered in Kunming construction machinery market with 280000 yuan, which provided a reliable measurement means for the units producing and using wire rods, and became "the first person to privately purchase side dump loader equipment in Yunnan market"

with the strong support of Longgong Kunming sales company, Longgong holding company deployed equipment from 10 extensive bases in the field of utilization in Fujian and directly transported it to Luoping County where the construction project is located. Zhang Ruheng soon received the equipment and began to work on the construction site of Luoping hydropower station with very complex working conditions and extremely difficult environment. After a year and a half, this loader has been busy on the construction site day and night, and there has never been any major failure. All the men, women and children on the construction site know that Zhang Ruheng has a shovel in his hand, which is handy and can carry outstanding "artifacts", which not only makes him famous, but also makes a lot of money. Today, this ZL50 side dump loader has been in continuous use for 10 years and more than 20000 hours, and has not been overhauled. It is admired by workers who buy loaders of other brands

In 2006, he bought another Longgong 855 loader and began to contract more projects; In 2009, Longgong 855-b loader was purchased again, and excavators and other equipment were also purchased, starting to undertake larger-scale engineering projects. Driven by his demonstration, many relatives and friends around also bought some Longgong loaders one after another. They worked closely with each other and embarked on the road of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich. After years of practice, people in shilibaxiang are more confident in the supreme quality of Longgong loaders. Everyone agrees that choosing Longgong machinery is choosing a machine that makes money

in his reply to Mr. Zhang Ruheng, chairman Li Xinyan of Longgong's board of directors sincerely thanked the majority of new and old users for their trust in Longgong's products and their love for Longgong's brand; On behalf of Longgong, he said that he would continue to implement the "user system principle" of "the previous process is responsible for the next process", further standardize each process, optimize each process, manufacture more high-quality products, provide more sincere and excellent services, feed back to the society, repay users, and work hard to build Longgong into a "respected global excellent operator of construction machinery" as soon as possible

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