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Yunyi Municipal Department of justice call center customer service solution

call center scale: about 30 seats in the service center and about 170 service points

call center requirements:

first, the call center deployment supports the IP distributed deployment method to build the system platform, that is, the main equipment of the center deployment system. All seats adopt the IP method, which is conducive to the flexible distribution of seats and ensures the goal of unified management platform

second, it supports IVR voice navigation, ACD, recording quality inspection, and call recording. Support docking with b/s and c/s programs

third, the call consultation of the masses supports traffic distribution, load balancing, intelligent scheduling, supervision and management functions. Follow the principle of unified number, divisional acceptance, distribution on demand and mutual backup, and realize the automatic allocation of linkage seats to idle districts, cities and counties. And real-time monitoring of agent traffic to form a visual view of big data

IV. resource linkage system, which can be connected with 110, 12345, etc., to realize information interconnection, 24-hour answering, detailed recording and recording, and unified processing. At the same time, the resources of all parties will be integrated, effectively allocated, reasonably scheduled, and convenient consulting services will be provided

v. the system can accurately record the whole conversation from different people and traffic personnel, process it into text, effectively replace manual input, and provide effective technical support for information storage

VI. establish a knowledge base system to meet the needs of customer service for centralized management of knowledge and information, provide knowledge sharing, and help personnel quickly and easily query the laws and regulations consulted by the masses, and quickly reply to the masses

VII. Traffic real-time status monitoring system: monitoring traffic includes login, exit from the system, check-in/check-out, call response, active hang up, mute/end mute, call hold/call hold, busy/idle, external call, internal call, three-party call, seat status display, etc

VIII. It can connect various lines of operators, such as analog lines, digital trunk lines, IMS lines, SIP lines, etc

IX. the system can flexibly customize graphical reports according to the type of consulting events, the handling unit, handling progress, keywords, etc. leaders of relevant departments can log in to the background of the system to view statistical analysis and event details, quantitatively analyze hot and difficult issues of concern to the masses, timely find problems 1,2,3 and multi-stage load testing in the work, and solve them

X. after sorting out and analyzing citizens' complaints, suggestions and other matters, the platform will transfer them to relevant departments for processing, which can flexibly effectively supervise the departments and units dealing with many closed holes in these materials, and verify the processing results through citizens' return visits, satisfaction surveys and other ways, so as to build a complete supervision, evaluation and assessment mechanism

call center solution:

first, deploy a call center system on the server of city a (Alibaba cloud), and then call Alibaba cloud's ASR module to realize the function of system recording to text; The cloud system of city a connects and uses by accessing the public line of City Hall B, and then, without affecting the connection and dialing of City Hall B, assigns some numbers to city a for use, listens to the corresponding numbers, and provides services

second, city a and city B do not affect each other and go side by side. In the later stage, lines from other places can also be accessed through capacity expansion. The call center system that can be used by cities and even the whole country can be used by agents through logging in to the business system interface to realize applications such as agent check-in, click to dial numbers, call pop-up screen, and enter work orders

third, the distribution of terminal equipment, work order statistics, traffic statistics, service type statistics, resource distribution and other information can be displayed on the large screen of city a system

fourth, the office staff in city a answered and dialed by installing a soft registration extension number on the computer end and inserting a traffic headset into the computer host; In addition, in the later stage, the call system can also be integrated with the business system, so as to improve the working efficiency of the promotion staff

call center implementation steps

1 install the call center experiment on Alibaba cloud centos7.4 (apply to purchase Alibaba cloud account) to complete the automatic control software and configure the IP address

2 apply for the purchase of Alibaba cloud ASR module. The call center system realizes the function of voice recording to text by calling and receiving

3 through the docking mode of siprunk, some external lines of city B are allocated to city a for use

4 the office agent of city a installs software on the computer, plugs the traffic headset into the computer host, and realizes the check-in, check-out and call receiving of the agent personnel through the way of soft SIP registration

call center program list

call center contains the following programs: CTI, iPBX, IVR, CDR, record, mysql

logical deployment: CTI deployment and interface opening, basic call deployment, database deployment

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