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Yunnan style media standardized the enterprise process with the help of Xingjian power CRM software

Yunnan Style Culture Communication Co., Ltd. joined hands with Xingjian power to integrate customer information and standardize the business process with the help of Xingjian power CRM customer management software

Yunnan Style Culture Communication Co., Ltd., formerly known as Yunnan style Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd., was established in November 1998. Previously, it was active in using multimedia technology for cultural communication, tourism promotion, institutional image building and investment environment publicity. In December, 1999, the first work "Shangri La story" of Style Culture Communication Co., Ltd. won the nomination award of Mobis international multimedia CD Grand Prix in China issued by China Electronic Publishing Research Association, and won the Mobis China Cup at the same time. In 2005, style Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to style Culture Communication Co., Ltd. on the basis of Zhou suijiubang's improvement of its previous business, it has successfully expanded into a comprehensive Culture Communication Co., Ltd. integrating planning and creativity, graphic design, film and television promotional films, multimedia design and production, and station construction, which requires the hardware to have as high a static intensity as possible, public relations activities, etc

Xingjian power CRM system was developed by the deep technical team of Guangzhou Xingjian Computer Technology Co., Ltd. in October. The system is flexible and specially developed for the application of small and medium-sized enterprises. This system is based on customer management, opportunity project later maintenance. The company also plans to provide further service for film processing enterprises providing waste. Based on the process management of service management, it records the detailed information, communication records, pre-sales follow-up development, after-sales service, etc. of each customer. Comprehensively connect the work of each department of the enterprise. After analyzing the process of the style media company, the CRM engineer of Xingjian power suggested that it use a professional network version

after a period of operation, many departments within the style media company have adapted to the software management process, accelerated the communication efficiency of each department, and standardized the pre-sales and after-sales work with flexible user-defined settings to ensure the timeliness and integrity of information communication

the advertising and media industry is highly competitive and pays attention to service in place; I believe that style media company can continue to provide customers with high-quality consulting and management services through Xingjian power CRM, and attract more new customers to cooperate

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