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On March 17, 2010, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of land and resources, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the opinions on promoting the construction of the third generation mobile communication network. The full text is as follows:

in order to implement the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the electronic information industry, guide and promote the construction of the third generation mobile communication (hereinafter referred to as 3G) network, stimulate the development of relevant domestic industries, and give full play to the role of 3G in promoting national economic and social development, the following opinions are put forward on promoting the construction of 3G network in China:

first, fully understand the importance of 3G network construction, Jointly promote network construction and development

Developing 3G is to improve the strength of the company's high-purity aluminum alloy products She said that the air-conditioning shell made of Jinmin environmental protection materials with lightweight independent innovation ability and competitiveness of related industries is also an important measure to cope with the impact of the financial crisis, expand domestic demand, maintain growth and promote employment, which is of great significance to the long-term development of China's national economy and society. TD-SCDMA (hereinafter referred to as TD) It is the first 3G international standard with independent intellectual property rights in China's communication industry. It is of great significance for building an innovative country, accelerating the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and ensuring network and information security. 3G network construction is the key link in the development of 3G, the basis for promoting industrial growth and application prosperity, and is related to the success or failure of 3G development

since the issuance of 3G licenses in early 2009, telecom enterprises have formulated 3G development plans. With the joint efforts and support of all parties, 3G network construction has been basically carried out smoothly, with an investment of more than 160billion yuan. But at present, in the construction of 3G network, problems such as difficult location of base stations and insufficient business applications are becoming increasingly prominent, which will affect the smooth development of subsequent 3G construction

all relevant units should fully understand the significance of 3G network construction, strive to solve the difficulties and problems in 3G network construction and application, and jointly promote the development of network construction

second, implement the 3G development plan and promote the coordinated and sustainable development of networks

telecom enterprises should earnestly implement the 3G development plan, carry out 3G network construction in accordance with relevant national regulations and technical specifications, increase and deepen 3G network coverage, actively carry out network optimization, improve network performance, and ensure network and information security. We should coordinate the relationship between 3G, 2G and future network evolution, make full use of 2G existing network resources, give full play to existing investment benefits, gradually introduce enhanced technology, consider the combination with future evolution in network construction, and ensure the smooth upgrading of the network. We should speed up network construction through joint construction and sharing of telecommunications infrastructure, save construction costs and reduce repeated construction. By 2011, the 3G network will cover all cities above the prefecture level and most counties, towns, major highways and scenic spots in the country. The total investment in 3G construction is 400billion yuan, there are more than 400000 3G base stations, and there are 150million 3G users

III. formulate and issue supporting policies for 3G network construction to solve the difficulties of network construction

the competent departments of the communication industry at all levels should meet with the urban and rural planning, land and resources, municipal and other departments, and organize telecommunications enterprises to prepare special plans for base station sites, pipelines, pole roads and other facilities. The special plans should meet the requirements of the local overall land use planning and urban and rural planning, and make relevant connections. The competent departments of urban and rural planning, land and resources and investment at all levels clearly reserve station location resources (including machine rooms, roofs, iron towers, pipelines, distribution systems, etc.) for communication construction in the examination and approval of residential quarters, commercial and residential buildings, office buildings and other construction projects, and comprehensively consider the needs of communication construction in the examination and approval of subway, airport, station, railway, highway and other public facilities projects, and ensure the equal access of telecommunications enterprises. Environmental protection departments at all levels should speed up the approval process through the environmental impact assessment and approval of the construction plan of mobile communication networks, and simplify the approval procedures for the construction of base stations, while ensuring the health and safety of the people, according to the characteristics of the wide range of mobile communication networks. All relevant units should actively coordinate and promote government agencies, enterprises and institutions to open building resources to provide station sites and support 3G construction

IV. guide and support the development and innovation of 3G network applications, and drive the construction and upgrading of 3G networks.

telecom enterprises should be market-oriented, cooperate with relevant enterprises in the industrial chain, give full play to their network and technical advantages, develop characteristic services suitable for 3G networks and mobile Internet, constantly enrich 3G business categories, speed up the innovation of 3G applications, explore the business model of 3G applications, and form a benign development situation of differentiated management and win-win cooperation, Promote industrialization and information, including the integration of a KUKA articulated arm robot and an integrated infrared heating furnace, so as to drive the construction and upgrading of the network. Enterprises that use 3G to carry out research and development, technological transformation and value-added services, which meet the conditions specified in tax laws and regulations, shall enjoy relevant preferential tax policies in accordance with the law. The network construction, application and R & D of TD and other 3G will be included in the encouraged category of the Guiding Catalogue for industrial restructuring. TD products and applications, which are identified as national independent innovation products, can be listed in the catalogue of national independent innovation products and the catalogue of independent innovation products purchased by the government. Encourage the wide application of TD and other 3G technologies in government, industry informatization and e-commerce

v. continue to implement and improve other policies and measures to support the development of 3G, ensure the construction of 3G network

continue to use relevant policies and measures such as national major science and technology projects, high-tech industrialization projects, science and technology support plans, electronic development funds, special funds for the revitalization and technological transformation of key industries, and funds for the industrialization of autonomous innovation, and implement the national support for TD and other 3G. Carry out the standardization, industrialization and business application research and development of 3G enhanced technology and future evolution technology, promote the development of equipment and terminal industry, and increase the frequency resources required for the development of 3G and its evolution technology according to the development needs. Strengthen the supervision and management of 3G network and information security, improve the supervision measures of interconnection and interworking, improve the supporting measures of co construction and sharing of telecommunications infrastructure, and create a healthy and orderly market competition environment

VI. strengthen organizational leadership to ensure the implementation of all work

all relevant units should strengthen organizational leadership, implement division of labor, closely cooperate and cooperate, strive for practical results, timely study and solve outstanding problems and contradictions in development, constantly adjust and improve relevant policies, and further play the role of 3G network construction and business application in promoting national economic and social development. Relevant units should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of these opinions. MIIT station

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