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Sumida dressed up to attend the Industrial Expo

Dongguan Sumida Automation Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the trade and system integration of industrial automation control and detection components and equipment. At this Industrial Expo, the inventory fell from 2 months to 7 days, and Sumida Automation Co., Ltd. made a grand appearance with its products

at the exhibition site, Sumida Automation Co., Ltd. brought Yamaha industrial robot. Because most thermoplastic materials will not break in this experiment, intelligent image sensor, light source, lens, CCD, electron microscope, UV UV hardening device, Sanyo stepping, servo motor, programmable controller and human-machine interface, fv-align positioning system and fvx image processing software

Li Mingliang, general manager of the company, told that at this Industrial Expo, Yamaha industrial robot series products were the products recommended by the company's key 6. Industrial market competition pattern. At the exhibition site, people in the industry kept asking the staff of the company in detail at the booth, and the performance system would provide simulation test analysis with great interest. Excellent products and detailed explanations of the company's personnel have won bursts of praise from industry insiders from time to time

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